Friday, April 27, 2012

Protect your car from Armor All

This post brought to you by Armor All. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was very happy when I passed my road test. You never know what it means to me to have the driver license. My husband works in different shifts. My little girl, that time is about to enroll to Pre-K in school. There is no bus available for her to pick and drop her off from school and to our house. The only way she can go to school is I am driving her. I am very thankful to GOD that finally I passed the road test. 

My husband gave me this car on our 9th wedding anniversary. Since then I take the kids with me wherever I go. We go to church, grocery or at the park. My kids eat inside the car. They drop the foods sometimes. I clean the interior of the car. I am thankful that Armor All helps me protect my car. I ask my husband to buy me the Armor All when he comes home from work. He is driving that way anyway. 
Armor All is easy to use. All I need is a cloth, spray and wipe the surfaces of my car. It gives my car Extreme Shield Wax that I needed so badly. What I love about it is? It does not give any odor because I am allergic. I can use it with direct sunlight. The dashboard needs to clean very often. I can even apply it in my GPS. I love how it shines brilliantly and long-lasting. Mom likes me do not need to worry anymore. Armor All is our best friend from the kids mess.  
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