Monday, March 5, 2012

How to save electricity

Prices are going up everyday from food, gas and electricity. We try to save electric as much as not using our appliances. We have to make sure that everything is unplugging to those appliances that we are not using. We try to take a quick shower to save water and heater. We recycle papers, plastic and can to help the environment. Those are some tips that I can share how I save electricity. What about you? How do you save energy and electricity?

Spring is almost here. I cannot wait at that to happen. I know that after spring, it is summer. It is when we open our pool. My family loves to swim. Do you know how we save electricity? Our pool has the heater but we have the solar panels that keeps our water warm. During the middle of the day, I turn it on and the water is really warm. We have the solar cover for our pool which is a big reason.

How I wish that we have the solar electric panels in our house. It will surely save electricity and energy. Do you want to have that attach in your home too. You can check out the Website on how this company will help you save money and electricity.

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