Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, Better Health with Café Well’s Race to the Moon

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Whenever we welcome a New Year, we make resolutions, and if there are three things that would never be missing from most people’s list of resolutions, it would have to be these three: getting in better shape, living a healthier life, and losing weight. Sadly, though, only few of those who resolve to do these are able to live up to their promises and the rest actually have no idea how they can even begin. Some corporations and organizations launch company-wide well programs to get everyone started with their weight loss goals, but not all of these take off the ground successfully.

Thank God, there’s Cafe Well, a social network offering corporate wellness programs that really work. Visit their website and you’ll see a wealth of information about chronic health conditions, weight loss, how to attain a healthier lifestyle, and so much more. Café Well launched a corporate wellness program entitled Race to the Moon that encourages employees to try to get into the healthy habit of walking and running.

To be eligible for this program, you need to be a member of HealthAmerica and Café Well. Just a note to my readers that not all 51 states have the Health America to join the race to the moon but everybody is welcome to join the Café Well.

Hence, if you aren’t yet, go ahead and register at these two sites now. Once signed up, you’d get your free pedometer, and you can start tracking your steps. By tracking your progress and hitting personal milestones, you could win prizes for yourself. It’s not a shot at the moon, because ever since the program’s launch a few months ago, it has tracked over 50 million steps, or roughly 2.5 million steps a day.

I love to live healthy, as I am a wife and mother of two. It’s my job to stay healthy. Therefore, if I were to create my own challenge, I’d probably start a workout challenge with my friends. The one with the least progress at the end of the month gets to pay for spa treatments! Now, that’s an idea!

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