Sunday, November 27, 2011

Polos for My Two Men

I have already started shopping for Christmas gifts. I seem to have many people on my list – friends, relatives, and of course, my family. I have already bought a few things for my kids and husband, but you know how it is with your immediate family. They have to have many gifts; one or two gifts won’t be enough.

I’m planning to get my husband and son some matching polos that they can wear when we go out for some family bonding time. I saw a nice, striped polo, as well as a graphic polo, at Aeropostale’s online shop, which I’m sure my husband would love. He actually feels a lot more comfortable when he’s wearing light shirts made of cotton, so I know the polo would be a big hit with him and my son, too.

When I checked the website, most of the items are on sale. Some are even selling for under $10! I’m sure I can stretch my money, and get the two men in my life a couple of new shirts. A few savings here and there can definitely go a long way, especially now that Christmas is fast approaching, don’t you think?

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