Friday, September 23, 2011

Looking for a best website to sell this custom truck

I try to sell this custom truck in Craig's list but no chance yet. There was an old man who look at it but he never come back to finish the transaction. I do not know what website to try to sell this truck. I guess my husband is asking for too much. I do not blame him though. Do you know what website to sell a truck? Please let me know. I know my kids love this truck so much. We do not need it really. My husband has a truck and I have a car. I think two vehicle is enough.

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Admin said...

Awww, my JK would have love a truck but he just got himself a new Chevy Malibu about 3 months ago so malamang wala ng budget yun. :D

Btw, thanks for visiting D'TOUR and I apologize for the late return visit.

Enjoy the rest of the week sis!