Friday, August 19, 2011

The Perfect Furniture To Complete Our Room

We have a vacant room adjacent to our kitchen. It has a chandelier in the middle of the room. We have been planning to buy a Tom extending dining table to complete the room. Sometimes we have many visitors that we need extra dining table for them.The extending dining table is what we need as the space is limited in that room.

In the living room needs a panorama TV unit to complete the design. My kids like to watch TV in that room. It is also in that room that they hang out with their friends. The TV unit is perfect also for their games. What I love about it is the wires are cannot be seen from the front. It will keep the room so clean without looking at the wires and the cables.

My little girl loves anything that is pink. This Peggy bed will perfect on her room. She can use bed as a sofa bed when she wants to relax with her friends. She can also arrange her pillows and other girly stuff in the storage in front of it. I know that my little girl will love this bed.

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