Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink Bedding Sets

This is my Pink Friday entry # 4. This is my little girl's pink bedding sets. She has many pink. Most little girls like pink. My little girl is one of them. She has the strawberry shortcakes pink bedding sets. Even her window curtains are also strawberry shortcake. Everything you see in her room is mostly pink. From the ceiling fan, carpet, dresser, lamp all are color pink.


kat said...

Well, most girls love pink. cute bedding. Anyway, visiting from Pink Friday. Have a great weekend. Hope you can visit mine.

A Woman’s Note

texas_sweetie said...

very nice bedding set for your girl, day! love also the wall color the same color as my girl's bedroom wall.

if you don't mind to take a peek at my PF entry too, i'll be happy Free Pink Tote.

Mika said...

Oohh!! Strawberry Shortcake theme LOVE it! It's really cool to be a kid, cause you have a reason to have your bedroom to look like that :)

visiting from PF

chubskulit said...

That's very cute sis. Thanks for the visit, I am now following your blog. Mind following some of mine?

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Lovely bedroom in pink! Can I share in your bed pretty girl? Lol.

I have PINK FLOWER in the NIGHTSKY courtesy of the July 4th Fireworks here in our place. See you! :)