Thursday, July 28, 2011

How I Wish I Could Visit Hawaii

I have a cousin that lives in Hawaii. She is from my father's side. Both of our fathers are brothers. I see pictures of their place. It is beautiful. I wonder how much is their housing? Is it expensive? I do not know how much is their mortgage. How I wish I could visit them someday. Maybe we could rent a house that is available for sale. Is there, cheap hotels nearby? Have you been to Hawaii? Where is your favorite place to stay?


Mrs. Kolca said...

Hawaii is like the best place to visit in the US if you're like me who's not used to the very cold weather of winter. Haha. I also have friends and relatives in Hawaii.

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amazey said...

I was born and raised in HI. The housing market there is very expensive almost comparable to large cities like Chicago or New York. It is very beautiful and I miss the weather the most.