Friday, March 4, 2011

My Orders Are Here

It came in yesterday's mail. I am talking about the products I bought online. I was searching online 

for a facial products that I use on my face and was happy to find a store that sells my needs. It is 

a store that sells Filipino products and some other delicacies. I bought beauty products and 

medicinal oil for my friend. I missed using these cleansers while I was in the Philippines. It has 

an avocado flavor which I loved. I cannot wait to try them as my other facial cleanser is almost 

gone. I hope I will not get any reaction as it is been a very long time since I last used the 

product. The store shipped my items fast and it was packaged very well. I give that stores a five 

stars. How I wish it was not in another state but oh well, now I know where to buy stuff I want. 

This is part of being a Filipino that it's not easy. It takes time to adjust in everything and as well 

as certain products, that is why LIFE is so precious. I am one happy costumer.

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