Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Litty Froggy

My little girl likes to jump around. Santa Claus gave her this Princess Hopper. Perfect
for my little frog. She can hop around the house. She loves the hopper because it has the

Princess designs. She can hop with her Princess friends too. Every little girl wants to be
a Princess. My little girl is one of them. The hopper works still. It has been three months
since Santa gave it to her. The hopper is so durable. Sometimes her big brother plays it
too. She has many toys. This one is one of her favorite. I wonder how longs this
hopper will last. So far so good. Let us keep our fingers crossed for that.


loveablecassandra said...

cassandra has one kelsey purple in color and it has disney princesses. her daddy gave it to her on her 3rd b-day!~she jumped lyk a kangaroo..he,he..

wifetoalineman02 said...

Hi Tita Leah,
I can't wait to meet and play with Cassandra with our hoppers. I bet the froggy and the kangaroo will have a blast hopping together.