Monday, March 14, 2011

Hyundai Genesis

I live in New York and winter here is really cold. Every time I watch the climate channel on TV, sunny state has warm 

climate. Honestly I hope that climate in where I live is like that. Growing up in a tropical climate makes you missed it. I 

have a friend in Florida that lives near Palm Beach. She invited me and my kids to go to Florida and visit them. I just 

cannot wait to see her and meet her son. It is been awhile since I last see her. She told me that she needs a car to pick 

us up at the airport. I advise her to check  Florida Hyundai Genesis Dealer. They sell certified new and used vehicles.

They will work on your budget too. I know my friend can find the perfect vehicle she wants.

I am so excited that my friend picked hyundai genesis car. Definitely she made the right decision. The hyundai 

genesis car is perfect for her and her son. It also has a room for me and my kids.  I hope to step in Florida soon. I have 

seen it on TV, how beautiful there beaches are. I missed stepping on the white sand. My friend also need to 

buy hyundai genesis floor mats to protect her new car. She has a boy. Boys likes to gets dirty. Hyundai genesis floor mat 

is very durable. Price is also is affordable.


Sundance said...

I live in Upstate New York, it's been a long and bitterly cold winter!

Jessica said...

right on brother...I can not wait for Spring.