Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grandparents visit

Grandma and Grandpa came over yesterday to see their grandchildren. How sweet of

them to spend there time with our kids. They lived 20 minutes drives from us. Of all

there kids, my family is the farthest. Their girls lived few miles away. It is always

happy to see both of them all the time. My kids are lucky that they have their grandparents lived closely. They have another grandma but she lives half way around

the world and I hope they can see her very soon. I loved my parents- in-laws. They are both

kind and spoiled there grandkids all the time. My son is not feeling well, so he just

stayed in his room usually. While my little girl is active usually.

Mommy turned on the TV and plug the karaoke so they heard her singing. She sings

PEARLY SHELLS and was so proud that she got 75 in score, not bad huh. I can tell

that both grandma and grandpa were so happy and proud of their granddaughter.

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