Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dr. Seuss

My little girl is in Pre-K, that week in school they have a theme about Dr. Seuss. She

loves Dr. Seuss books though she can only read little words. Dr. Seuss has many

colorful and interesting books especially for her age. She is excited to go to school everyday. Hope her enthusiasm will not change. She only goes in

the afternoon. Even for a couple of hours, she had the fun and do a lot of cool stuff in

school. My bin is almost full of her paperworks from school. She brings projects when

she gets home almost everyday. Can you imagine how long will takes my bin to fill-up?

Every Friday is there like a fun Friday. She made a Dr. Seuss hat and bow. I took a

picture of her. She also wants me to take a picture of her cat. Silly girl I have.

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anne said...

I love her attire, btw I followed you through Google Connect and Networked blog as well. Thanks for following me. Do you mind to visit me here too?

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