Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dinner is ready

When my husband work in the afternoon. He cannot join us for dinner. What I do is? I cook his 

dinner in the afternoon. He just bring it with him to work. It is easy on me too. I also prepare the 

kids and my dinner. I do not need to make dinner for the three of us for that night. This afternoon, 

I made chicken, shell pasta, corn and salad(not in the picture). My kids also love salad especially 

the egg. I am lucky because my kids love their vegetables too. The kids miss their daddy at night. 

They understand that daddy needs to go to work. He works almost midnight. When he gets home, 

the kids are both sleeping.


Jessica said...

only the presentation Leah but am glad I don't need to cook for dinner :-)

Dude for Food said...

That's a delicious dinner! Complete and balanced, good looking plate!