Friday, February 18, 2011

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

does time will heals the pain you endure? I hope so. My younger brother has a son who was born prematurely, they name him "EZEKIEL" am not sure if I spell it right. I have no clue that my sister-in-law is pregnant. Anyway, he is three months old now. Since he was born, the hospital is his home, he was been and out from the hospital. Having a premature infant is a risk, I knew because I had the one but luckily he did not have any complication when he was born and now he is a healthy eight years old. The nephew that I never meet is loved by his aunt already. I started to buy him newborn clothes and hoping to send it soon. The last time he was in the hospital was he cannot go released his vowels and found out that there is something wrong inside his internal organ, he had a surgery to correct it. For such a little baby, his been through a lot with his fragile body. He was released from the hospital after the surgery but few days after coming home, he has a problem breathing and from then he never come back home. I was praying for him but I know GOD has a plan for him. He did not make it. I was sobbing when I read the message in my website. We will missed you angel so bad especially your daddy, mommy and your big sister. This is the only picture I have on him, my younger brother was holding him inside the hospital.

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