Friday, February 25, 2011


is my newest credit card from Victoria's Secret. It is called angel. How cute is that and

of great it is pink. Who ladies here that do not like Victoria's Secret? What I love

Victoria's Secret products are....there bras, undies, tops, swimwear and their lotions. I

visit the store at the mall or buy stuff online only if I have coupons or they have a huge

sale as their products are pricey. I have a three credit cards but every time I made a

purchased, I paid the whole amount before it is due so I will not pay interest charge.

What I like this Angel credit card is? Every dollar you spend is, you get one points and

you can redeem the points when you accumulate 250 points. My credit limit is $500 for

now and I bet I could use that in a minute but I will not do that. I can use the credit limit

in no time and am not in hurry to use them all. What about you friends? How many credit

cards you have? I have a good credit score, thank you for my dearest sweetie for that.

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