Thursday, June 25, 2009

What A Journey It Had Been

Today is my sons last day in Kindergarten school. He only went to school for half day. I cannot believed I will

have a first grade soon. Where did the time go. My peanut grows up so fast and now he is six years old

already. He brought a box and inside is a movie and a box of tissue with him from his teachers and a note that

tells here is a  movie to remember your friends and a box of tissue to wipe your tears. I watch the DVD right

away and sure did it brought my tears while watching him with his friends doing activities in school and

outside. They been too many places and see his happy faces in the movie makes me loved him more. To his

teachers, Mrs. C., Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Miner, thank you very much for everything for keeping up my son

for the class 2008-2009. We do appreciated all your help. May God bless each of your families.

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