Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is Your Kids A Fan Of Dora Or Diego?

if yes! I would like to invite you to watch there show "DORA IN THE LOST TOYS" if it is available in your

city. We watched the show today and we all had a blast especially my kids. It is an one and 1/2 show but

there is a break which is good for kids to relax. This show is very entertaining and educational. They do

not allow taking pictures when you are in the show. We paid $78.20 for four of us. The kids have the fun and

it melts your heart to see them very happy when the characters of the show comes out like Dora, Boots, Isa,

Benny, the three insect musicians (am not sure of there names), Diego & Baby Jaguar. The

audience also can interact with the show which is really entertaining. To all the parents that those kids love

Dora. This is a wonderful show for your kids.

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