Thursday, February 12, 2009


As a mom of 2, I love to take pictures of my two growing kids. Anywhere I go I make sure I bring my

camera with me. Having a digital camera is so handy. Compare when I was a kid, my parents never have a

chance to capture moments I have with my siblings growing up. Technology this time is more advanced. I

searched the internet and there prints is the cheapest, for four by six print cost .06 cents. You can make a lot

from their company. I am glad I joined this company because this way, I can make prints and sent it to my

mom since they shipped worldwide. I also make photo books not for myself but for my mom too. I am glad

that she loved what I made for her. I make photo books especially vacation we had in the Philippines. I also

sent her playing cards that has pictures of us. Anyway, hope you check there address through my link and by

the way, I have a picture of my photo book I just received from them. This is my second photo book and am

there for four coming on my way.

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