Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 Years

Tomorrow, the 16th is my 7th year since I arrived here in America. How that happened? It is

fresh in my memory that it was 34 degrees and it felt like I was inside the freezer when hubby

picked me up at the airport. It was cold for me that time. Life is great though different, having my own family

is the best thing ever happened to me and meeting real friends that worth keeping for. Many things happened

in the last seven years. I lost my brother- -in law and my father, but came my two kids who makes me a better

person. We moved to a bigger house. I went back to the Philippines three times and  hoping

to visit my family again. I missed my Mama most of them all. I plan to apply a citizenship this year. I hope I

can drive my own car, that would be my best accomplishment for myself.

1 comment:

Raquel said...

hi jessy, i dig some of your archives and saw your children photos. daku naman diay imong lalaking anak.

happy 7th years living in the usa at 3 times ka na palang naka-uwi satin. taga cdo diay pod ka. nah good luck sa imong driving, lahi ra jud makabalo tag drive diha kay maski asa ta makalakaw without our husband.