Monday, January 12, 2009

Ladies Night Out

I am a member of a female group  here in Buffalo and who I considered my friends. We are all nine ladies in a group minus our families. Luisa treated us for her lunch birthday date and is exclusively for us ladies and this time no kids. We had lunch at Thunder Falls Buffet. It was expensive but the food is worth and we have a very friendly waiter. Every time we ladies are get together, it is always been fun and memorable. After we ate, we went to play because the place is also has a arcade. I played slot for the first time. I won but I played again so I lost $25. It really smells so bad in casino because  some people smoke. We cannot find our way out, we had the fun. Our kids are in the Daddy's day care courtesy of Mr. Tom and Ed. I have not see my kids for five hours, they were fine because they were playing with other kids. When we went to picked up our kids. My two year old girl, saw me and was crying. She really missed her mommy and I do missed her too. I had picture below and hope you enjoy.

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