Monday, October 6, 2008

Dried Fish And Fried Egg For Breakfast

with rice  is what I ate yesterday, it was so delicious. Being a Filipino leaving in the USA is hard 

because once in a while you are craving for foods that you normally eat back in Philippines. I seldom 

fry dried fish.  1. They stink the house 2. In the Fall or Winter windows are close so the neighbors 

cannot smell it but that morning I cannot resist. I just turn on the exhaust fan, light the candle and 

fry the fish. I am thankful that my hubby dear has no complain about the odor. He said that since 

you eat and enjoy your food that is the important.

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CLC Fashion said...

hi jessica! thanks fore dropping by in my tagboard. Thanks for the sweet compliments, you too have a cute kids! Sure i will add u in my links. TC